LMS eschool


LMS eschool





Who is the eschool for?

LMS eschool is developed for educational institutions interested in the implementation of digital educational content and the latest digital communication technologies at all levels and stages of the educational process.

There is the main difference between eschool and other IT solution absolute freedom to choose principles and ways of teaching for each school

The system allows to create a single social and educational environment in the school


Free up resources to focus on the essentials

Registration of candidates, remote testing, applying for enrolment, conducting entrance examinations, displaying results, submission of the required package of documents.
Educational planning
Scheduling of educational process and workload, automatic generation of timetables, planning of educational process. Filling with content courses and lessons. Analytics, reporting, reference information
Recording of results in any formats and assessment systems, weighting factors, conducting lessons, monitoring student progress, implementation of thematic plans, educational content creation and accumulation, certificate printing.
Collegial governance
Initiation of new events (teachers’ councils, methodological councils, boards of trustees, etc.).Forming groups of regular members and inviting new members. Absentee discussion and voting on agenda items.
Events for students
Convenient system for setting event participants. Selecting days and lessons at which event participants will be absent. Automatically marking absence of students in the gradebook. Generation of documents for the event with exemption from lessons.
Digital library
Role-based library management system. Different levels of access to documents and folders, change log. Customizable documentation registers. Quick sending of a document in a message, access to the document by link.
Administration and management
Substitution of lessons and teachers with automatic reporting of this to interested groups of users. Making schedule changes. Student transfer. Assignment of tasks/instructions from the administration to school staff.
The communication tool allows users to conduct individual and group conversations, make announcements, collect information, and make communication richer using photos and documents.
Supplementary education
Midterm and final testing. Enrolment to elective courses. Extracurricular activities. Distance learning.
More services
Notifications, personal settings, registration of all user actions, statistics, personal profile (portfolio) of the student and teacher.
Gb of uploadable materials and attachments every day
teachers, students and parents
messages daily
events in schools every year
lessons in all disciplines
thematic plans

Mobile application

Easy access to the system from a smartphone or tablet for all categories of users

Access not only to view information, but also to use all the basic functions according to user roles.

  • Access to the camera, shooting materials and attaching them to lessons, homework.
  • Access to the microphone, audio recording of the assignment, recommendations, adding it to the educational process and subsequent listening.
  • Login using fingerprint, pin code, face id
  • Instant voice call or messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Full functionality of working with markbooks, messages, homework, viewing the content of lessons and thematic plans
  • Conducting lessons and checking homework, assigning homework, giving marks, communication with colleagues, students and parents
  • Information on the educational process and staff, messages, notifications


Why choose eschool?

Fill in the required data in the system once and forget about the paper-based reports. School authorities can independently obtain information and statistics from the system, both current and archive, without distracting teachers from their main activities.

Get rid of the routine and costs related to preparing reports, notifications and certificates in all stages of the learning process

LMS eschool allows each user to do their own work independently. eschool doesn't require special staff to enter data, computer classes or extra time to maintain and fill in gradebooks.

Any user of eschool can independently find answers to many questions related to the current educational process without distracting their colleagues, and at the same time be aware of all important events of school life.

Security and privacy

  • Encrypted channels
  • Three-tier security architecture (at the database level, at the application server level, at the client application level)
  • Logging all user actions, analyzing of user behavior with AI elements
  • Setting access to data for different categories of users to display and edit data
  • Authorized access to the system
  • Server hosting in a secure certified industrial data center with all required licenses and certificates